Monday, March 31, 2008

hearth goddess blessing


shadowcrrew said...

ah, beautiful fire. what do your neighbors think of the woodsmoke? all i have is a toaster oven, but it still managed to bake sourdough-rye banana bread this morning.

sharqi said...

The neighbors have said nye about the smoke, but living in the ghetto has its advantages. We are not the only ones around with wood on the mind and heat on the skin. Actually, there's not much smoke, either. I guess we are burning it hot enough most of the time.

A few people have stopped by to ask to buy our wood. Our hoss neighbors came over to ask to buy a cord. Hakim said we weren't selling, and dude said they were cooking on a pot-bellied stove. Well, hell yeah! They filled up their wheel barrow for free and we are neighbors.

Haven't much used the camping oven. We've been blessed by the dumpstered bread fairy, for friends in a car delivered some to us, and also Hakim scored some walking home from the plasma place (faster to walk the several miles than wait for the night bus). My sourdough starter is kaput from neglect. I feel so bad! I can't get a new one to take, it appears.