Saturday, April 19, 2008

food not lawns springfield

We are thrilled to announce the first meeting of Food Not Lawns, Springfield, Illinois. It's Wednesday, April 30, 2008, at 10 a.m., at the downtown branch of the Springfield Public Library, in the Bicentennial Room on the 3rd floor.

Food Not Lawns (FNL) is a decentralized network of grassroots gardeners who are turning lawns into gardens, and neighborhoods into communities, around the world. We are deeply interested in exploring sustainable cities, permaculture, low consumption, living locally, low-tech organic practices, vermiculture, composting, mycology, sharing, helping, living simply, reuse, water catchment, graywater, biodynamics, diy culture, and ultimately, rebuilding communities one lawn at a time.

The idea is that our first meeting will be networking--meeting each other, getting an idea of the collective skills, resources, and interests of our members. And we go from there, planting, sharing, reinvigorating our local permaculture.

We've also got a yahoo group going, for those of us who are in this screen land:

I hope anyone who is interested in gardening and sustainable issues will get involved.



abby said...

how was the meeting?

sharqi said...

Awesome, of course, Abby! We had about 20 people there, truant adults and kids, and we talked about gardening and our experiences for a couple of hours. It's nice getting a group of people with different experiences together--much broader and immediate perspectives than reading books, all as interesting. The eating revolution is alive and well in Springfield. It starts in the heart, followed immediately by the stomach.

Love to all, and hope that everyone is truant again tomorrow, to enjoy the may day celebration.