Monday, May 5, 2008

the li'l house gets pimped out

Pimped out by mutha nature that is. Abundance is flowing. We already have more salad than we could ever possibly eat, all made possible by weeds: garlic mustard, lambs quarters, violet leaves and flowers, raspberry leaves, wood sorrel, redbud flowers, lemon balm--it all makes a tasty blend, great with oil and vinegar. All the fruit trees except one made it through the winter.

Hakim has been running the chainsaw fast and furious. We no longer have wood in our neighbor's driveway, and it's almost all out of the future garden. A bed has been started, and we've planted some potatoes, beans, tomatoes, onions, herbs, and rhubarb in it so far. Now it's time to extend the bed, but there are weeds and trees taking over, arghhh! Well, they are mulberry trees and edible weeds, so....

We planted 8 more plum trees, bringing us up to about 23, I think. We have four concord grape vines growing, and several dozen strawberry plants. Hakim made an electrical fencing playhouse for Kaleigh. We have planted the walls and roof. I hope it works out okay. We also have electrical fencing (no juice!) grape arbor. So far so good. It is wonderful planting all this wonderful variety of food. I'm so excited for August!

Hakim and Khalila are up north at his parents' house in the burbs, attending family functions. They are having a good time visiting. I am having a good time chilling by myself. I have been puttering some, and cleaning and gardening.

The Food Not Lawns group is up and going. We met a lot of really awesome people. I am going to learn a lot, I can tell. A seed swap is up next. I got the food not lawns book from the library today, and I am so excited. The author is speaking her mind, and I find myself agreeing with her wholeheartedly. I guess it is preaching to the choir, but sometimes it is nice to have these revival meetings, just to assure ourselves we're not crazy.

We had a fun May Day. It was a beautiful weather day, warm and sunny. The kids had a great time playing outside. The food was good, friends and relations, all having a good time, instead of working or going to school. For real, community.

And finally, some pictures, from here and there and everywhere: fractal dandelions, mutant dandelions, and our ridiculous cat, Cozy.

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