Monday, June 9, 2008

remembering community

So far this year, we've logged at our house almost 24 inches of rain. We also got some 20+ inches of snow since January 1. Our normal average is 37 inches. We're fortunate to be getting all this rain, to recharge our land after last year's moderate drought. Everywhere around us, it is flooding.
Our good friend Badger is here visiting, and yesterday he turned the compost piles and stomped down our woody compost. Both are smaller & working more efficiently. He and Kaleigh helped extend a garden bed a few more feet, and if it dries out, I'll plant some more tomatoes & seeds. Kaleigh said, "I want to stay out here & work with Badger!"

Don was working on our diy ghetto-style graywater system. He unhooked the pipes to flow out to the sewer & installed a bucket. We are quickly learning how much water we use & have a great incentive to conserve. Even though we are getting a lot of rain now, I am sure this summer our garden will be thankful for the extra moisture.
I have been working on making wine--23 gallons so far, I think. We have three carboys of strawberry, one of strawberry rhubarb, and some small gallon jugs of mint, lemon balm and one mixed.

I also made some laundry soap, and I will share the recipe. Melt one bar of soap in some water on the stove (alternatively, wait for a stinking hot day & it will melt on its own). Transfer to a 5-gallon bucket, and add 1 c. washing soda (like baking soda, but specifically for washing) and 1/2 c. borax (available in the detergent aisle also). Add water to fill to make 5 gallons of soap. I'm still trying to figure out how nontoxic this stuff will be for our garden. The laundry water still goes to the sewer so far. At least the soap is locally made without dyes & perfumes & other nastiness. And it's way way cheaper than 5 gallons of laundry soap, and we also don't have to lug it home on the bus. My mom told me that was how my gramma made laundry soap.

We are delighting in friends from afar this week. Not only did we have our good friend Merry here this weekend, and Badger here now, but also Mike & Abby are rumored to be on their way back, or possibly here already. We are looking forward to seeing them also. We have a lot of hanging out to do!


shadowcrrew said...

exciting times! i'm glad it cooled off from yesterday. don't forget to drop a lil lemon balm in your water, for taste.

donald423 said...

I can't believe I didn't even see this until 8 days later. Yes, it was delightful having so many tribe members here. The fruits of their labors will keep coming for a long time. I miss everyone already!

Kaleigh just brought me the first ripe red raspberry and told me Happy Father's Day! Awwwww how sweet! Hallelujah!