Tuesday, July 15, 2008

we declare independence

We declare independence

from the institutions:
from schooling, which has nurtured obedience and eradicated natural human curiosity and adaptation;
from religion, which has declared immoral natural human desires, while perpetuating mass murder and a clearcutting of the kaleidoscope of human cultures;
from law, never justice, a facade behind which the guilty wealthy hide while persecuting the poor and of color;
from corporations that colonize our life's time, consuming the living world as fast as the machines can sterilize and process it into long-abiding toxicity, enslaving us in hard labor of body and soul, inculcating us into this bizarre cult and its inhumane rituals.

What are we, if not humanity? We are a part of something bigger than us. We are connected, rooted to the life that surrounds us, no matter how much we try to blot it out with pavement and plastics.

We declare our independence from this scientifically rational destructive culture, with its mindless insatiable driven consumption. The empty part of us that desires to be filled will never be content with working at the office or cash register, and shopping at Wal-Mart (even a brainwashed eco-friendly one). Life can be transformed into dollars in our consensus reality, but never back again.

We desire our liberty, our ability to grow unimpeded with the rest of humanity. We desire a return to providing for ourselves, shaking off the false security and corresponding overwhelming burden of civilization. We desire a return to the freedom of the whole world. Our "right" to purchase the destruction of humanity is make-believe, in addition to the heinous outcome. Open-ended loops of inputs and outputs result in the unfortunate destruction of humanity ourselves.

What are we thinking?

We seek our lives, our liberty, and our pursuit of contentment with everyday life. We desire a relationship, intense and intimate, from within and without, indescribable with mere words. We desire to feel human once again, a desire to feel it with all of humanity, with all living things. We realize it, and we will make it real.

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