Friday, August 22, 2008


From time to time I think about posting "A Day In The Life" stuff about just what goes on in our everyday life. We're pioneers here, we're figuring out what works as we go along. Usually I don't keep much track of exactly what I do each day, but today I have a list with stuff crossed off.

Kombucha: label the ones I started last night; put up on shelf; taste test one of the current batch (needs a couple more days); start tea (now cooling) for new batch(es) to be done in a week or so.

Solar cooker: glue felt around top for clear plastic (or glass if we can get some) to rest on & allow light in and keep heat in; glue reflector onto one side of box; now waiting for all that to set & dry. Kaleigh helped me glue for a bit, but I think I was being too uptight about getting it just right. She looked at cake recipes in the solar cooking book; she's been planning for her birthday party at the beginning of October!

Compost: shred bedding (cardboard & waste paper) for kitchen compost bucket & basement worm bins (which are a little moist). Add fresh bedding to worm bins--I guess this counts as our urban homestead livestock!

Put strong-smelling herbal flea repellent drops on the three cats' collars (they took remarkably well to wearing the collars, they just don't like the super-citrusy flea drops).

Assess wines: Carey had a number of experimental little batches brewing; some are suspicious (and used to wet compost outside), some are turning to vinegar (though we'd rather have the wine, LOL), and some might turn into decent wine (mulberry!!!!).

I tightened up our "solar clothes dryer" (clothesline in the yard). I used that nifty tau(gh)t line hitch knot I learned from a pamphlet from a CrimethInc. tour years ago. It's so goddamn useful! Hooray for CrimethInc.

I took random things down to the basement for storage. Not very interesting, but hey it was on my list and I crossed it off. Actually, I might have added to my list after I did it, so I could cross it off. I also got all the clothespins down off the line.

Gathering up ALL the empty plant pots from various corners of the urban homestead (aka Zomba Central) turned out to be more hauling than I expected! We have a ton of plant pots. Think about stuff to plant & keep indoors and eat this winter!!

This looks like a list of projects I did neatly one after another, but really they're day-long activities each interwoven with the others, and interruptions, delicious meals, back pain, staring and typing, a shower, reading Vagabound and Ran Prieur, music, the coziest kitties, daydreams, conversations. The stuff of life. Soon to include wine. (Thanks & praises to the highest....)

And, like Sharqi said, a moment of silence for Fukuoka-sensei. If you think Master Yoda is cool.....


sharqi said...

Whew! by some sort of miracle it was a day for crossing things off a list! I swept and vacuumed, did piles of dishes, cooked goatburgers, brewed up the other half carboy of pear wine, brewed up a batch of apples (from Merry) and peaches (from Mindy) wine, read a lot of books to K, played a rummy tournament with K (who is now adding three digit numbers with ease), made bookmarks with K using the flowers we dried, bottled and labeled the aforementioned experimental wine and vinegar batches, finished sorting purged books, inquired about a field trip to Knight's Action Park and the location of the transfer station for tomorrow's Obama Interruption, picked tomatoes and raspberry leaves, began sorting flower pots and trays and all that.... Whew! No wonder I am ready for a glass of raspberry wine!


abby said...

i love you guys. :) and i feel very odd about fukuoka's passing. :/