Friday, September 5, 2008


We have experienced our hurricane of relief, three inches of rain, and coincidentally, very cool temperatures. It was barely over 65 degrees today, and we slept with the windows shut last night.

I like this video of Hurricane Ike:
And also this picture here. Ahhhh, fractals. It could be water swirling down the drain, the galaxy in motion, the seeds in a sunflower, or a hurricane. One of the most beautiful patterns of nature I think I've ever seen.


abby said...

My sinuses are in a bad way from all the low-level mold after gustav - something like 25 inches of rain! Stephanie Berry goes up to Mt Mitchell (highest mountain in eastern US, about 10 miles away, I guess) to collect rain data, and the bucket she uses to collect was overflowing!

sharqi said...

I can't even imagine 25 inches of rain. So does that mean the extreme drought is over? I hope you are not living in a valley!