Saturday, December 6, 2008

eco bling

Ever hear of eco bling? I've never seen something that more makes me want to retch. But, it's so funny, I can't stop laughing. Here's a definition:

"eco-bling is something very special in the world. eco-bling is when something is both ecologically sustainable and brilliant, corporate and clever at the same time. eco-bling may not save the planet, but it will certainly get some attention."

Yes, green is the new pink, making cooling the earth, hot.

The proposed Anara Tower in Dubai, where shortly ago was the it place, but now reeling from cheap and unwanted gas, has also been tagged as eco bling. Scroll halfway down this page until you get to the view of the Palm Island from the Tower (it's not the Tower of Babel, we swear!). If you don't know about the man-made and very exclusive Palm Island in Dubai, it's worth looking up. There's even some nice pictures on google earth.

A no doubt very expensive eco bling car. Doesn't it make you want to run out and buy it?

Even Wal-Mart is getting into the action:

I really don't see how buying crap is going to improve our environment, build soil, clean our air and water, or free our minds and souls and those of our descendants from the black iron prison/cave of treasures we find ourselves in. It seems like the same old crap in new packaging. It's like buying a solar panel to collect dust or a new hybrid suv to commute to your world-damaging job from the burbs.

Surely, we can use our vivid imaginations and large brains to create something more useful than this shiny repackaged crap. Surely we can take another step, and create a new paradigm, enter this frontier of living in a way that doesn't destroy the earth. Well, you know as well as I do that when we talk about saving the earth, we are really talking about saving ourselves, saving humanity--not saving it, but not killing it off, and letting the humanity of the future have some chance of living a decent life. In fact, we could create new systems of living that are low-tech, cooperative instead of competitive, and that will outlive us, with full invitation from our offspring to improve them and make them more relevant. Sounds better than eco bling in this ghetto.


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Caeseria said...

Oh my GOSH. That is sooo stupid. I checked out that "Green is the new pink" site, what does that even mean? I thought BLACK was the "it" color, I've seen "(insert color here) is the new black", but not pink...
Sooo. We don't want to consume less, that would be boring, so we'll find more "socially fashionable" ways to do it. It's a totally meaningless fad. (We didn't have enough of those already - we were going to run out, really we were).
I looove the picture of the Anara Tower. That is hilarious. Yes indeed, the Tower of Babel is being rebuilt in Dubai.