Monday, March 23, 2009

work and play inside and out

How this page gets formatted is beyond me, so I hope you can match the pictures up with the text. Don and Kaleigh assisted Mike, who defied 1908 construction practices to install much-needed shelving in K's room. She started moving over her stuff today. At last, enough room to organize somewhat.

There is a refrigerator impersonating a hedgehog. Really, it's dumpstered shag carpet. (Of course! you say...) Bill brought it over, and has been waiting patiently for this blog report on our efforts. It's on! It seems to work for insulating. We'll put it to the test in July, when it is way too hot for the poorly made modern fridge to function.

Another picture you may see on this page is our south side yard. This is 3 years post-tornado, with the last of the wood gone. Here it is pictured with paths and beds figured out, and spring planting begun. It most likely looks like a big mess to the uninitiated. This is our beginning; we like it, and we are excited. So far we've planted onions, potatoes, and peas. I'm hopeful the anticipated rain chirks them right out of the ground.

It got into the 70s today, and the cherry trees popped out all kinds of blossoms. I didn't see much in the way of pollinators. It was pretty, though. I've noticed a few other trees around town popping out blooms. Another blooming tree on this page is the American elm. They are not exactly pretty blossoms, but they are delicate and intriguing in their own way.

And lastly, there are some pictures of crocuses. I need color and beauty in spring. It is what gets me through winter without lethargy and depression.



donald423 said...

Yeah, major props to Mike, who has tools and knows how to use them.

Carey just now (9:41 a.m. Tues.) issued a yard report: the first dandelion has bloomed, the violets are coming up, and the raspberries are starting to leaf out. And more rain is on the way! Yay!

abby said...

It makes me happy to see all these photos together. :)

Caeseria said...

I love your hedgehoggy fridge! That is so cute! You need to make a face for it