Thursday, April 16, 2009

our next bohemia

This is from the new Fifth Estate (Spring 2009). This one was my favorite from "Seven Subversive Instasonnets" by Peter Lamborn Wilson. It rings true for me.

Phalanstery (for Chapman, Kansas)

L. Frank Baum was a Swedenborgian
what's the matter with Kansas
why can't we have a Swedenborgian Militia
something to fend off FEMA & the
National Guard next time a tornado
flattens grain elevators like Tarot trump cards
in what we like to call Prairie Restoration
with a vengeance. This could be our
next bohemia--a landscape too
boring for redevelopment--antithesis
of all highway tourist hells or
utopian traces of commodity. OZ
is Blake for infants. Perhaps
disaster will be our new revolution.

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