Monday, May 3, 2010

smell this

Onions and garlic (bulbs and tops) sauteeing with the first two shiitake mushrooms (from my front yard log), with cleavers and new lambs quarters (edible weeds), seasoned with oregano and rosemary (from the garden)....topped with three eggs (straight from a friend's chickens' oviducts), scrambled, and fresh homemade chevre (goat cheese).

And, of course, being a midwesterner, I had to put ketchup on it!



Alison said...

Cleavers?! Assuming that's the same stuff we call cleavers in the UK (aka goosegrass, or Bobby's Buttons), I had no idea it was edible. My garden is full of it; I have to keep weeding it out of everywhere. I'll keep it back to add to my omelettes from now on... Thankyou!

sharqi said...

A good description of it is the backwoods name of "sticky weed". Sound like the same thing?

Yes, cleavers are edible, though the texture is weird. It can be eaten raw, lightly steamed, or cooked. It's great for the lymphatic system.

For more info, see

Caeseria said...

Geeeeaaaaaah, you put KETCHUP on that???????

sharqi said...

but of course!