Friday, August 28, 2009

no way health care

I am quite fortunate to be in good health. However, I have some pesky spots in my molars that appear to my layperson's eye to be cavities. They're my first cavities, but four of them at once. My last dental checkup was three or four years ago, when I was pronounced "dentally boring" by Dr. Said.

I have a medical card, which sounds terrific in theory, as it pays for any doctor and dental visits as well as prescriptions. But in reality, for me it's not worth the paper it's printed on. I got a letter a few weeks ago, advising me that I was overdue for a checkup. I can't remember the last checkup I had. I also do not have a regular doctor, since I never go to the doctor, as I am rarely sick. The last time I attempted to see a doctor, I called the clinic, but it's a 2-week wait to get in, no matter how sick you are.

I think it's a good idea to have an established doctor, as well as to get a checkup, so I called to find a permanent doc. Turns out the only docs taking medical card patients are at the clinic. It's not a problem to wait a couple of weeks for a checkup, but in times of illness, like the last killer sinus infection I had (several years back), two weeks is way too long to wait to see a doctor. (Fortunately for me then, I had a friend with a couple of left over high powered antibiotics that cured me). I guess I will keep relying on health instead of health care. The ER takes the medical card, which I guess is why I hear about so many people with medical cards "wasting the time" of the ER when they should/could be going to a regular doctor (if only they can get an appointment!).

Today I went in search of a dentist. Five of the dentists who take the medical card are at the clinic, but the clinic is not accepting adult dental patients, only kids. The sixth dentist also is only accepting children. I called back to find out names of more dentists, but they are all out of town (the next three closest are in Taylorville, Virginia, and East Alton), and I have no vehicle to get there.

So, any ideas for diy dental care? Someone suggested superglue. I will research it at some point, and if I find out any useful suggestions, I'll let yall know. Right now I am feeling no pain from the cavities, but I know it's only a matter of time. The longer I wait, the bigger they will get, the more damage they will do, and the more it will cost if ever a dentist in Springfield decides to accept medical card patients.



Caeseria said...

Superglue sounds interesting. I suppose in theory that would work, considering it can be used in place of sutures.

D. Lollard said...

Ran Prieur said once he had cavities that "healed themselves". He's lucky enough to have a holistic dentist.

abby said...

I've heard and read about 'oil-pulling', putting 1 or 2 tbs of unrefined sesame oil in your mouth and swishing for up to 20 minutes each morning before eating or drinking anything. This is supposed to suck toxins out of your teeth and cure cavities. I've also read of using propolis in cavities to fill them/neutralize them. Propolis is the substance bees make to build the hive. They also sell propolis tinctures with other tooth herbs on the internet. Clove oil is essential for tooth pain, as a really easy to find tooth number. Strong clove tea would probably help quite a bit, too, but a little harder to localize. There's also a plant by the name of spilanthes that makes little flower head balls that you chew on, has the same effect of clove.

There's more out there, but that's what I know. The oil pulling I haven't tried because that much oil is gross in my mouth. :/

vertpaix said...

Oil pulling worked for me. I just used the olive oil I had at home. Other oils might be better but I used what I had because of cost.

As for Medicaid, like you said great in theory. For me it's basically emergency coverage. I still need to find out if the people who take it for vision care take it for adults. I'm in need of new glasses. I do have an OB/GYN who takes the card, so that's nice but I could have easily gone to Planned Parenthood and used it there. I've never been to our clinic for health care or dental. I wonder if the doc-in-the-box takes the card since they are run by the hospital. You may want to look into that.